We are a youth treatment and recovery center nestled in the heart of Portland, Oregon.

Our mission

To create a culture of enthusiastic recovery and connection through empowering and supportive peer mentorship and evidence-based treatment programing for youth and their support systems.

Our vision

We envision a world where all young people struggling with substance use disorders and their support networks can experience healthy, vibrant and powerful lives through recovery and connection.

Our caring master’s-level counselors, therapists and certified recovery mentors provide young people and their support systems, whomever they may be, an open, inclusive and holistic approach to overcoming substance use disorders. 

As one of the few youth recovery resources in the state to combine intensive clinical services with an alternative peer group model, we tailor our programming to what adolescents need, and what the data shows works: personalized treatment options alongside teens helping teens on the path to long-term recovery.

We believe teaching the skills for positive, pro-social interaction and helping build a community around shared, structured experiences has the potential to change lives. By empowering young people with life-long confidence in themselves, and long-lasting relationships with their peers, we can help them lead vibrant, healthy lives free from addiction.

Why we’re needed:

Oregon's rank for providing substance use treatment to adolescents in need
of all high school students currently use an addictive substance

substance use by teens qualifies as the medical definition of addiction

of teens relapse within months of treatment without access to programs like ACTNW

How we do it:


Peer power

Behavior is contagious. We recognize and respect the influence adolescents have over one another, and see it as a tool for greatness. They are the spark, the catalyst, the force for real change in each other’s lives. We’re here to guide the way. 

Personalized levels of care

Whether it’s meeting with a master’s level counselor every day, a couple times per week, or eventually dropping by just a few times a month to mentor and support their peers, we shape our clinical services based on where each young person is on their path.

Pro-social activities

By filling our space with the things young people like to do—movies, video games, maybe even a rock-climbing wall and a zipline or two—we hope to create a place teens keep coming back to, just because it feels good.

Pathways for every journey

Each young person has their own story. Our programming offers options to honor and support every one, including: one-on-one, family and group counseling sessions, after-school activities, weekend day-trips, fitness and wellness classes, and more.

Hot off the Press! ACT NW’s feasibility study from the west coast’s premier economics consulting firm, ECONorthwest. Check it out!

Read our feasibility study


Together, we can change lives
Give now

We envision a world where all young people can enjoy vibrant, fulfilling lives.

Getting there means ensuring our services are accessible to any and everyone who needs our help, no matter their financial situation. 

Too often, families are faced with false choices as they stop at nothing to care for a struggling adolescent. Pay the mortgage, or for mentoring sessions? Get groceries, or go to counseling? Giving those we love the support they need should never be a difficult decision. 

The good news is, it’s easy to help. However you choose to, we are incredibly grateful. Your generosity makes a difference in the lives of young people fighting to feel happy and whole. When they do, we all win.