Hey all! 

I’ve been thinking a lot about grief lately, maybe it’s because pieces of my heart are still grieving life before COVID-19 and what that felt like. When lockdown first started, we lost our freedom, but by month two we had lost millions of people. I’ve lost people to multiple different scenarios but most of the people that have passed in my life, passed from the use of drugs.  

Harm reduction is something that we value at ACT NW. The truth is, that kids are dying. This is a hard-to-swallow pill but it’s true, we haven’t been doing enough in our communities for prevention. Not to say that WE haven’t been doing enough, but we haven’t been given access to the resources needed to stop the harm and the death.  

Today I really just wanted to take some space to mourn all the lives lost from COVID-19, Police brutality, and substance use. There aren’t a lot of words that sit parallel to grief, but there is so much feeling that sometimes emotions feel too big for my body to hold.  

Grief is a feeling that hits your head and finds your neck, a strange substance that never leaves your body.  

If you are grieving, remember that none of it is your fault. It’s allowed to hurt. Your feelings are present in your body to remind you of love, it all comes down to love, every time. How much we miss our loved ones that have passed, shows how much love we have in our body for them. Letting it out and feeling it in the moment won’t let the love escape you, it only burns brighter. Do something for you, I see you and I love you.